Top Questions

After you place your order, we send it directly to the store, which starts preparing it immediately.

Our Stores do everything they can to get your order delivered as quickly as possible. However, sometimes Stores receive very large amount of orders, or drivers get stuck in heavy traffic - this unfortunately might cause delays.

If the amount of time you’ve waited has exceeded the estimated delivery time, you can contact us, and we’ll look into what’s going on.

If you have a voucher code, you can redeem it after selecting a store and adding items to your basket. You will see a field to enter your voucher code on the order overview page. If the voucher is valid, the discount on your order will be calculated immediately. Only one voucher can be used per order.

If your voucher code does not work, feel free to contact us and we’ll take a look.

Mee Basket offers many different discounts at Stores. If you want to view them all, have a look at Stores with discounts.


It is really easy, as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

1. Tell us where you are: Enter your location so that we can show you which Stores deliver to you.
2. Choose what you would like: Pick a store and select items you’d like to order. You can search by store name or products.
3. Checkout: Enter your exact delivery address, payment method and your phone number. Always make sure that you enter the correct phone number to help us contact you regarding your order, if needed.
Now sit back, relax, and we’ll get your order delivered to your doorstep.

4. You can also pick the order from the store if you would like, and you will find the option at the checkout and keep in mind that you must go to the store in the Business hours. However, we may notify you by sending SMS or email when it’s ready for pickup.

Please give us a call as soon as possible, we can let the store know before it starts preparing your order.

With regards to any refund of a payment you have made online, please contact Mee Basket and not the store.

We will provide services from any store listed on the search results for your location. We recommend enabling your GPS location finder and letting the app auto-detect your location. However, you may enter your Suburb post code for the stores that delivers in your location.

We currently do not support this functionality. However, you can place orders for individual items from different stores.

Any major change in delivery address after you put an order with us is not possible. Slight changes are allowed, however, such as modifying the flat number, street name, landmark etc. If you got information of the store, you can call them directly, or you may contact our customer service team.

Delivery time varies from store to store. It also depends on the number of orders that the store has to prepare and on the distance between the store and your delivery address.

You can see the estimated delivery time for each store in your area on our website. After placing an order, a more precise delivery time will be communicated to you by SMS.

Delivery costs, just like delivery time, are determined by Stores individually. Usually the ones closest to you will charge a small delivery fee. If a delivery driver has to travel a long way, they may charge a little extra for the service. There are many Stores offering free delivery as well. You can easily check the delivery cost for each store whilst browsing our website.

Online Payment

You will be able to select ‘’Online payment’ on the checkout page. After placing your order, you will be redirected to the secure payment page of our payment partner, where you can follow the instructions. Once the payment is confirmed, the order will be transmitted to the store.

Online ordering at Mee Basket provides several advantages over telephone ordering.

1. Discover: We offer a huge choice of Stores, and we have their menus online, so you don’t have to collect menus for individual Stores or stick to just one of them. Every day you can discover new Stores and new tastes.
2. Take your time: You have as much time as you need to decide what to eat today, instead of listening to someone read out the entire menu to you and making a decision on the spot.
3. Know what you’re getting: We help you make the right choice by providing customer reviews and ratings.
4. Convenient payment:If you order at Mee Basket. You can pay online using online banking, PayPal or your credit card etc.
5. You can view details of all your past orders and easily re-order.

How It Works

Mee Basket is a convenient online food ordering website/APP that connects users with local Stores. Customers can browse through numerous menus and place orders for delivery or pickup at the best price.

At Mee Basket, we believe ordering online should be fuss-free, fast and definitely fun. With just a few clicks you can order from a wide variety of products online. Mee Basket provides you with store menus, customer reviews

If you want to view all Stores enter your location to check which Stores can deliver to you.

We normally deal with the local stores and different stores have different opening and closing hours.

During closing hours you can browse through Stores and place an order for later. However, we will give you the confirmation once the order accepted by the store.

The delivery area depends on individual Stores and Mee Basket has no influence on this. If you enter your delivery address on the homepage, then you can browse through all the Stores that can deliver to you.

Managing your Account

Click on 'Login/Register' at the top of the page. Then fill out your information in the ‘Create an account’ section and click the ‘Register’ button. You can also create an account directly after placing an order. Your delivery address and the order details will then be saved in your account.

1. Visit www.meebasket.comor open your Consumer app click Forgot Password
• You’ll be directed to
2. Enter your email address
• You’ll receive an email with instructions and a reset password link.
3. Click on the link inside the email and enter a unique strong password.

If you do not receive an email with the reset information, please contact Mee Basket Support.

You are not obliged to create an account, but it is very handy.

There are definitely a few advantages of signing up:

1. Your previous delivery addresses will be saved so that you don't have to enter them all over again on your next order.
2. You can track previous orders.
3.You can quickly make re-orders.

There are many more advantages... register with us and discover them!